Looking to style your space for a special event / photoshoot but don’t want to dig into your pockets to buy a bunch of plants?

Rent our selection of plants for a fraction of the cost & care!


Whether you need plant rentals for a one-time special event or longer term property staging, we have everything necessary to make it perfect! We can even coordinate delivery, staging and pick-up when you’re event is done. You may choose to purchase the item after its rental. Your rental fee will be applied towards the purchase price, but the pick-up and drop-off fee will not.

Pick-Up + Drop-Off

Due to the weight and size of some materials, a pick-up and/or drop-off fee may be required if we drop-off and pick-up outside of the free delivery area (see map below).

Return of Damaged Items

If an item is damaged during the length of the rental, you will be responsible for covering its regular purchase price.

Rental Fee

The rental fee varies by item and item type. The standard rate for plant material is 1/2 of the regular purchase price, per rental with an additional 1/2 as a refundable deposit upon the return of the items in the original condition. The deposit may be subject to full or partial holdback if the item is damaged or no longer able to be resold this season. All rental fees are non-refundable.

For inquiries and quotes, please contact Kate at