bolt and rally


About kate + B&R

Hey there, Kate here; owner and creator of bolt and rally. I've been crafting and creating since I can remember (thanks Mom and Dad!) but it was only recently that I decided to share my creations with other handmade-lovers around the globe; first on Etsy and now here on the b&r shop and at markets around Toronto, Ontario.

I've been a full-time flight attendant for four years but had always had a strong pull to do something "creative" on the side. After falling in love with plants early last year, I decided to dabble in painting my own planters for decoration around the house. The abundance of painted planters in the house led to me open a little Etsy shop to continue my creative outlet. 

B&R is more than just an Etsy Shop to me. It's a place where I've been able to spread happiness, laughter and love to hundreds of plant-lovers around the world; from my neighbour in Toronto to people living as far as Guam and Australia.

I'm a true believer that plants make people happy, and my belief now is that planters can make people happy, too. I've chosen my favourite funny, happy and inspiring quotes to share with you in hopes that something as simple as a planter can give you something to smile about.

Thank you for watching me grow during this crazy entrepreneurial experience.

I'm rooting for you to be happy, too!

Growth and love,